Gravel Bike Sicily, Focus Atlas

the best gravel for exploring Sicily along the Sicily Divide

The Focus Atlas 6.7 gravel is designed and built in Germany. A real German panzer with a super reliable and silent Shimano GRX drivetrain.

Discover all the features of our Focus Atlas 6.7 and why it's the best choice for the Sicily Divide.

The Focus Atlas 6.7 gravel bike embodies the essence of gravel adventure, making it ideal for the Sicily Divide. A journey through Sicily becomes epic with this bike, which skillfully handles dusty trails, historic cobblestones, challenging climbs, and fast descents. Its aluminum frame is light and durable, absorbing bumps to ensure comfort. The geometry is designed for gravel, with a riding position that allows you to admire the scenery and tackle long distances. Equipped with the Shimano GRX groupset and wide tires, it offers precise shifting and exceptional traction. Accessories like racks, bags, and tire clearance expand its versatility. The Focus Atlas 6.7 is not just a bike, but an invitation to explore with confidence and adventurous spirit.

Ultra-light alloy gravel frame and carbon fork

Lightweight and sturdy frame for gravel riding in Sicily

With its lightweight yet indestructible aluminum frame, the Focus Atlas 6.7 is built to absorb bumps without turning your adventure into a test of endurance against vibrations. The bike’s geometry is specifically designed for gravel, ensuring a comfortable position that allows you to enjoy the scenery and tackle long distances without feeling the need for a break too soon.

sicily gravel bike

Shimano GRX groupset

Precise and sturdy shifting, perfect for gravel in Sicily.

The components are carefully chosen: a Shimano GRX groupset, specifically developed for gravel, offers precise shifting and an ideal range of gears for every terrain incline, from steep climbs to fast flat sections. The wide tires, suitable for gravel, ensure exceptional traction and comfort on all types of surfaces, allowing you to confidently tackle even the most technical sections.

Novatec Twentyfive wheels.

with sealed bearings are sturdy and smooth.

The Novatec Twentyfive wheels are optimized for gravel, especially for challenges like the Sicily Divide. Lightweight and durable, they perfectly adapt to the varied terrains of Sicily, improving the ride on both rocky paths and asphalt. The 25mm profile enhances rolling resistance and comfort, ideal for long distances. The wide rims support gravel tires, offering superior stability and traction. Their aluminum construction ensures durability and agile handling, essential for adventure and light bikepacking in the Sicily Divide.

Accessories for gravel riding in Sicily.

Everything that enhances our gravel bikes for the Sicily Divide.

For your journey on the Sicily Divide with a rented Focus Atlas, we equip you with everything you need: an ultra-light aluminum rack to keep your ride light, a variety of pedals to choose from (SPD, SPD SL, Look, Crankbrothers) to suit your riding style, and an innovative handlebar-mounted phone holder that prevents overheating, essential under the Sicilian sun. We also include a complete repair kit for any eventuality, Ortlieb waterproof bags to protect your belongings from the elements, a pump to always maintain optimal tire pressure, and a sturdy lock for security when you’re not riding. These accessories are selected to maximize your experience on the Sicily Divide, ensuring comfort, safety, and the freedom to enjoy every moment of the adventure.

Rent a Focus Atlas Gravel Bike in Sicily

Over 9000 cyclists traverse the Sicily Divide and its variations every year. If you want to rent a gravel bike, like the Focus Atlas, you can turn to us—we’re professionals and know exactly what to do. With a fleet of over 100 bicycles, including gravel, mountain bikes, e-bikes, road bikes, and trekking bikes, we’re the number one rental service in Sicily. Need more? We’re the creators and sponsors of the Sicily Divide. If you need something more to be convinced, we know what it is: a wonderful vacation in Sicily on one of our rental gravel bikes.

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