Sicily Divide Classic – Cycling Tour

from Trapani to Catania without any hassle

Want to do the Sicily Divide but can't be bothered with all the organizing? Travel with us and avoid all the hassle. We know the Sicily Divide better than anyone else since we created it and have taken thousands of cyclists through it every year.

We already know: you’ve heard of the Sicily Divide, since everyone is talking about it, but you have a thousand worries.

  • What are the roads like?
  • How do motorists behave?
  • Is it dangerous to cycle in Sicily?
  • Are there accommodations along the route?
  • How do I transport my bike?
  • And what about dogs?

Goodness gracious! You know what? Let’s not go, too many hassles.

But you’re wrong! You’d be missing out on the most beautiful route in Italy and one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Everyone will be able to talk about it, except you. Cycle with us; we created it and know it better than anyone else.

Cycle with us and forget the worries, have fun!

We are a tour operator with an official license issued by the Sicilian Region (Inspiring Tours Tour Operator License No. 1655/S7).

We have a fleet of over 100 bikes and have been organizing cycling trips in Sicily for 7 years. We created the Sicily Divide and the Cycling Tour around Sicily. Need to know more? Travel with us and have fun!

You can choose from three different options:

Bike Adventure Pack Base. We give you all the information and gadgets; the rest you have to organize yourself. This is the most economical solution, with just a few tens of euros you’re set to experience the Sicily Divide.

Bike Adventure Pack Advanced. Everything included in the Bike Adventure Pack Base plus you also get a rental bike with delivery in Trapani and pick-up in Catania. The bikes are all from Trek, Focus, Lapierre, and Specialized, so top-notch!

Bike Adventure Pack Gold. Everything included in the Advanced pack plus you have all accommodations paid for, luggage transport from stage to stage, and other services reserved for gold members.

Bike Adventure Pack Platinum. A guided tour of the Sicily Divide with one of our guides. An unprecedented adventure but with the certainty of always having someone taking care of everything.

The Sicily Divide Classic itinerary crosses the entire Sicily.

Here are the technical details:

  • Total distance: 450 km
  • Elevation gain: D+ 7500 meters
  • Days on bike: 7
  • Travel style: supported/supported

The Sicily Divide Tour Classic is the most famous of the Sicily Divide itineraries. Our tours are meticulously designed to ensure you have total fun without the typical hassles of trip planning and the unexpected that can happen on the road. You will be guided by us already in the preparation phase of the trip, you will follow the track verified meter by meter by the Sicily Divide staff, you will sleep in official bike hotels, and you will live an unforgettable experience on the coolest trail in Italy.

Bike Adventure Pack Platinum

Sicily Divide Classic

from € 1290,00

You’re really someone who wants to eliminate the risk factor and you know what you’re doing. You don’t like the unexpected and prefer a guide who takes care of everything for you. With this guided tour you just have to pedal and enjoy the landscape while the guide tells you everything, even the story of the micro stone you just saw. Nothing is left to chance: official Sicily Divide guides, the assistance of our tour operator throughout the trip and the certainty of being in the right hands.

Bike Adventure Pack Gold

Sicily Divide Classic

from € 890,00

Do you have some extra euros in your bank account and want someone else to take care of organizing your trip on the Sicily Divide? And still, you want to choose the departure date yourself. Think about it, an unforgettable experience with just a simple click of the “pay” button. A world opens up to you! Sicily from end to end, passing through the interior with the best possible track, all accommodations paid for, luggage transport from stage to stage, and the assurance of a tour operator made by cyclists who know the Sicily Divide better than anyone else.

Bike Adventure Pack Advanced

Sicily Divide Classic

€ 290,00

Sicily Divide is the next adventure you want to undertake by bike, but you want to avoid bringing your precious bike and risking damaging it during transport? Well, the Bike Adventure Pack Advanced is just for you: everything that’s included in the BAP Base, plus the rental of a gravel or MTB for a week with pickup in Palermo or Trapani and return in Catania. Travel light, travel without hassle, and be a true Divider!

Bike Adventure Pack Base

Sicily Divide Classic

€ 59,00

Do you want to do the Sicily Divide but don’t like being stuck in a group? Is your wallet feeling the pinch and you want to save? The Bike Adventure Pack Base is the best choice for you. It includes a cap, an official T-shirt, a keychain, a 110-page paper guide, a neck warmer, a drawstring backpack, the latest updated tracks, bonus tracks, and an app for navigation even offline to save battery.

Everything you need to travel in total independence and make your journey unforgettable.

Free GPX Track

Sicily Divide Classic

€ 0,00

Spending even a single penny causes you unspeakable suffering and you want the information without giving anything to anyone? Well, by clicking the button below you can download the tracks of the Sicily Divide and leave in complete autonomy without having to give anything to us who have worked so hard to build this madness of a system. If, just before downloading the track, you feel a bit of remorse, you can always make a small donation to help us.

Why should I travel with an organized tour instead of traveling independently?

Sicily is a harsh land, which slaps and caresses you with a wild landscape and roads unknown even to Sicilian cyclists.

We are the creators of Sicily Divide and no one knows the itinerary better than us. We are by your side every step of the way and always give you the best advice. We organize everything and you have fun. Cool isn’t it?

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If you need any information or want to know what it is about, you can send us a message. We will reply immediately to help you organize your cycling adventure in Sicily. We are a tour operator and handle thousands of cyclists every year. You can trust us.

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