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Sicily Divide is more than just an itinerary – it’s a network of cycling routes that can be tackled independently or with an organized group, all year round. Choose from mountain bike, gravel, and road bike paths, both linear and looped.

bike tours in Sicily along the Sicily Divide routes

Cycling in Sicily has never been so easy and fun. You can choose the itinerary you prefer, whether circular or linear, in bikepacking mode independently or with one of the organized groups you find on our calendar

You can experience a Sicily Divide adventure in several ways:

– Bike Adventure Pack, which is something similar to a race pack but much more comprehensive;
– Bike Adventure Pack Extended, the BAP with bike rental included;
– Self-Guided Tour, the all-inclusive tour without the hassle of keeping pace with an already organized group.

Sicily Divide Classic

Sicily Unveiled: Cycling Odyssey from Trapani to Catania

The Sicily Divide Classic is the crown jewel of Sicily bike tours, drawing over 6,000 cyclists yearly to traverse from Trapani or Palermo to Catania’s famed Piazza del Duomo. This route, weaving through Sicily’s rich landscapes and ancient traditions, caters to all cyclists, whether on gravel bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, or e-bikes. Previously a solo endeavor, the tour now offers Bike Adventure Packs for those who wish to explore independently, tailored to each riding style. Alternatively, our Tour Experiences provide a structured journey, ensuring a deep and enriching exploration of Sicily’s diverse beauty. This evolution marks the Sicily Divide Classic as a versatile adventure for every cyclist.

Sicily Divide North Trail

the amazing biking tour through Sicily's charming villages, lush forests, and picturesque regional parks

Discover the Sicily Divide North Trail, a premier Sicily bike tour that guides you through the northern reaches of this enchanting island. Ideal for gravel bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, and e-bikes, the trail offers a unique blend of cultural and natural beauty, taking you past picturesque villages, dense forests, and through Sicily’s regional parks: Parco delle Madonie, Parco dei Nebrodi, Parco Fluviale dell’Alcantara, culminating at the majestic Parco dell’Etna, beside Europe’s tallest volcano. This challenging yet rewarding route is infused with the essence of ancient Sicily and the vibrant, green heart of its landscapes. It’s more than a bike tour; it’s an adventure that connects you deeply with the soul of Sicily, promising an experience as diverse as it is beautiful. Join us and embrace the spirit of Sicily on two wheels.

Sicily Divide South Trail

Pedal Through Sicily's Splendor: Sicily Bike Tour of the South Trail

Discover the Sicily Divide South Trail, a picturesque journey tailored for gravel, mountain, road, and e-bike enthusiasts alike. This Sicily bike tour branches off from the Sicily Divide at Caltanissetta, guiding cyclists south through iconic Sicilian sceneries like Caltagirone and Piazza Armerina. Embodying the essence of the original Divide, it aims to reveal Sicily’s hidden gems and cultural richness. This adventure offers more than just a ride; it’s a deep dive into the heart of Sicily, bringing its most authentic and surprising aspects to light. Whether you’re navigating challenging terrains or cruising on smooth roads, this tour is a celebration of Sicily’s diverse landscapes and heritage, promising a memorable experience for every type of cyclist.

Sicily Divide West Loop

Explore Western Sicily's Wonders: Sicily Bike Tour on the Divide West Loop

Embark on the Sicily Divide West Loop, a thrilling Sicily bike tour that showcases the enchanting western coast and rich interior from Palermo. Designed for enthusiasts of gravel, mountain, road, and e-bikes, this tour winds through stunning seaside towns like Castellammare del Golfo, Trapani, and Marsala, and ventures into the heart of Sicily with visits to Corleone and the Bosco di Ficuzza reserve. This journey offers a unique blend of Sicily’s maritime charm and lush inland beauty, making it a perfect adventure for cyclists seeking to explore Western Sicily’s diverse landscapes and cultural depths. Returning to Palermo, the tour completes a memorable loop, inviting riders of all types to experience the vibrant spirit and scenic splendors of Sicily on two wheels.

Sicily Divide East Loop

the bike tour of Eastern Sicily and the Baroque

Experience the Sicily Divide East Loop, a memorable Sicily bike tour that showcases the stunning Baroque cities of Eastern Sicily, including Ragusa, Modica, and Syracuse. Ideal for cyclists on gravel bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, or e-bikes, this journey starts and ends in the enchanting city of Syracuse, weaving through beautiful locales such as Scicli, Pozzallo, and Marzamemi. This accessible route offers a delightful mix of coastal vistas and nature reserves like Pantalica and the Noto area, inviting cyclists of all types to explore Sicily’s architectural marvels and natural splendors. Dive into the heart of Eastern Sicily on this tour, designed to provide an enriching experience across its diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

Sicily Divide Cliffs & Castles

Sicily's Magnificent Ride: Exploring Cliffs and Castles on Two Wheels

Dive into the Sicily Divide Cliffs & Castles, a captivating bike tour across southern Sicily, perfect for gravel, mountain, road, and e-bike enthusiasts. This journey unveils the historic Chiaramonte castles and the striking white marl coasts, such as Punta Bianca and the iconic Scala dei Turchi. Beyond the typical beach scenes, this tour reveals a Sicily rich in medieval history, scented with cinnamon and the essence of the East against a backdrop of the azure sea. Discover a side of Sicily that goes beyond sun and sand, immersing you in a land of profound heritage and breathtaking natural beauty. Join this Sicily bike tour to explore an island where every pedal brings you closer to its heart, offering more than just a ride, but a journey into Sicily’s soul.

Sicily Divide Mini Loops

three short but intense biking tours for a long weekend

Experience the Sicily Divide Mini Loops, three dynamic routes designed for gravel, mountain, road, or e-bike exploration across Sicily’s stunning regional parks. Ideal for a quick Sicily bike tour over a long weekend, these itineraries—the Nebrodi Bike Challenge, Madonie Bike Challenge, and Etna Loop—promise intense yet rewarding adventures. Climb through picturesque landscapes, encounter charming villages, and savor Sicily’s ancient culinary delights. Whether you’re conquering rugged terrain, navigating mountain paths, cruising smooth roads, or enjoying an assisted ride, these Mini Loops offer a thrilling snapshot of Sicily’s diverse beauty and culture. Join us for a memorable journey, where every pedal stroke reveals the essence of Sicily.

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